We are excited to feature more than 120 eclipse events across the Columbia, S.C. region, Aug. 18-21, 2017!  Want to see a list of which events will have eclipse glasses? No problem.

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Hosting an event (or several) to celebrate the total solar eclipse over the long weekend of August 18-21, 2017? Fill out the form below for your event to be considered to be added to the calendar of events happening in Columbia, S.C., the "Total Eclipse Capital of the East Coast." Be sure to choose a few categories to help visitors find your event. For example, if you are hosting a ticketed outdoor dining experience during the eclipse itself, you would choose "food & drink," "dining," "seated dining," "outdoor" and "eclipse viewing event." Your submission will be reviewed by the Total Eclipse Weekend Columbia, S.C. initiative and may be tweaked before being posted. Please note that your event must take place between August 18-21, 2017 in the Midlands of Columbia, SC in order to be included on the site. It will take up to one week for your event to be published. If your event does not fit within our guidelines, it may not be published. Thank you for being a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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