Events With Free Eclipse Glasses

Total Eclipse Weekend Columbia, S.C. Events Offering Free Eclipse Safety Glasses

These eclipse event hosts are offering free eclipse safety glasses at their events, thanks to the City of Columbia, S.C.! Available on event date and time only, while supplies last. Glasses sponsored by the City of Columbia, S.C. bear the Total Eclipse Weekend Columbia, S.C. design and were manufactured by NASA and AAS-endorsed manufacturer Rainbow Symphony in San Diego, California.

(Need to know how to use your eclipse glasses and not miss the big show? Check out our Eclipse Glasses page.)

No asterisk denotes that the event will hand out eclipse glasses made by NASA- and AAS-endorsed supplier Rainbow Symphony, courtesy of the City of Columbia, S.C. 

** Denotes that free glasses are provided by event host or by a different sponsor, while supplies last

***Denotes glasses will be for sale, while supplies last


Event date(s)                         Event name

8/12, 8/19, 8/26                    SCE&G Solar Science Saturday at the State Museum

8/15                                           Astronomy Night at Cayce-West Columbia Branch Library

8/17                                           The Jasper Project presents Syzygy: Invitational Poetry Reading

8/17                                           The Jasper Project Presents Syzygy: The Solar Eclipse Plays

8/18                                           Arts and Draughts Party at Columbia Museum of Art

8/18                                           Ben Kronberg Live at Tapp’s Arts Center

8/18                                           Gamecock Women’s Soccer vs. University of Central Florida

8/18                                           Historic Happy Hour Water Balloon Battle

8/18-8/21                                Pre-Eclipse Weekend at the South Carolina State Museum** (Glasses from sponsor are made by Rainbow Symphony)

8/18                                           Public Lecture at USC – “Solar Eclipses: The Dread and the Fascination”

8/18 – 8/19                              Cline’s Salon Vista Aveda Eclipting Coloring Technique Special

8/18 – 8/20                             Revente’s Total Eclipse Sale

8/18 – 8/20                             Sid & Nancy’s Total Eclipse Sale

8/18-8/21                                The Grape Eclipse Festival at Mercer House Winery (sold out on eclipse day)

8/18-8/21                                Total Solar Eclipse at UofSC

8/19                                           Columbia Food Tours*

8/19                                           Dress Rehearsal for Total Eclipse with Historic Walking Tours at the 12,000-Year History Park in Cayce

8/19                                           Eclipse Geocaching Cointrail

8/19                                           EclipseFest 2017 at Music Farm Columbia

8/19                                           First Night of “Southern Lights” at the Congaree River

8/19                                           Riverfront Park Eclipse Party, Hosted by City of Columbia Parks & Recreation

8/19                                           Summer Learning Challenge Wrap-Up Party at Richland Library**(Glasses from sponsor are made by Rainbow Symphony)

8/19                                           Summer Stamp and Postcard Show

8/19                                            Tapp’s Presents: The Final Journey of Christopher Columbia:  Another ECLIPSEploitation Event

8/19                                           Two Gals and a Fork Food Tours*

8/19                                           United Night of Worship at the Harvest Church in Lexington, S.C.

8/19-8/20                               Historic Main Street Walking Tours

8/19-8/20                               Historic Vista Walking Tours

8/19-8/22                               Total Eclipse at Siesta Cove Marina on Lake Murray (sold out)

8/20                                           Always Looking Up: The Eclipse and the Celestial World of Renaissance Art

8/20                                           Eclipse Eve Block Party at Music Farm & Tin Roof in the Vista

8/20                                           Eclipse Experts at USC: Myth, History, and Science

8/20                                           Gamecock Men’s Soccer vs. College of Charleston

8/20                                           Gamecock Women’s Soccer vs. Florida Gulf Coast

8/20                                            Solar Eclipse Dinner Featuring Chef Todd Woods and Chef Frank Bradley at The Oak Table

8/20                                           Star Wars Musiclipse Concert by the S.C. Philharmonic (sold out)

8/20                                           Summer’s End Solar Run 5K at Saluda Shoals Park

8/20                                          Total Eclipse: “A Space Odyssey” Film Screening at the Nickelodeon Theatre (sold out)

8/20                                           Total Eclipse of the Art at Columbia Museum of Art

8/20-8/21                               Solar Eclipse of THE Dub

8/14-8/21                                Back to School Eclipse Party at Plex HiWire Irmo**

8/14-8/21                                Back to School Eclipse Party at Plex HiWire Sandhills**

8/21                                           1616 Gervais Bistro Eclipse Party

8/21                                           Benedict College Total Solar Eclipse Experience: Featuring the Solar Games

8/21                                            Carolina Eclipse Random Blackout at Random Tap in Elgin, S.C. ***

8/21                                            Corona special + eclipse viewing at Cantina 76 Devine St.

8/21                                            Corona special + eclipse viewing at Cantina 76 Main St.

8/21                                            Dark Side of The Moon Special at Burger Tavern 77 on Devine Street

8/21                                           Drew Park Eclipse Viewing

8/21                                            Eclipse Extravaganza at Saluda Shoals Park

8/21                                            Eclipse on the Congaree River with Carolina Outdoor Adventures (sold out)

8/21                                            Eclipse Party at the Lourie Center (sold out)

8/21                                            Farm to Table Event Co. August Solar Eclipse Lowcountry Boil and Paella Party (sold out)

8/21                                            Finlay Park Eclipse Viewing

8/21                                            Free Viewing Event at Boyd Plaza on Main Street**(Glasses from sponsor are made by Rainbow Symphony)

8/21                                            Historic Eclipse in the Gardens at the Robert Mills House (sold out)

8/21                                            iMAGINE STEM Festival Midlands at Spirit Communications Park**(Glasses from sponsor are made by Rainbow Symphony)

8/21                                            Let’s Cook Culinary Studio “Demonstration Lunch and Learn”

8/21                                            Lexington County Museum Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

8/21                                            NSTAR 2017 Public Lecture at USC:  “Laying the God Particle to Rest”

8/21                                            Owens Field Park Eclipse Viewing

8/21                                            Paddle the Eclipse on Lake Murray with California Republic SUP**

8/21                                            Riverfront Park Eclipse Viewing

8/21                                            Seacoast Church Columbia Eclipse Party

8/21                                            Shadows and Science in the Wilderness of Congaree National Park** (ranger tours are sold out; see event page for Harriet Barber House Eclipse Pig Pickin’ nearby)

8/21                                            Soda City Eclipse Viewing Festival

8/21                                            Solar 17 at Lake Murray**

8/21                                            Solar Eclipse at Publico Restaurant in Five Points

8/21                                            Solar Eclipse Block Party with HIS Radio at Northside Baptist**

8/21                                            Solar Eclipse Day at the South Carolina State Museum **(Glasses from sponsor are made by Rainbow Symphony)

8/21                                           Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at Sesquicentennial State Park***

8/21                                            Solar Fest West at the West Columbia Riverwalk & Amphitheater**(Glasses from sponsor are made by Rainbow Symphony)

8/21                                            Southeast Park Eclipse Viewing

8/21                                            Total Eclipse of the Park with Columbia Fireflies Baseball**(Glasses from sponsor are made by Rainbow Symphony)

8/21                                            Total Eclipse on the River at Saluda Shoals Park (sold out)

8/21                                            Total Eclipse Tailgate at the South Carolina State Fair

8/21                                            Total Eclipse Viewing on the “Centerline” at Lexington County Blowfish Stadium

8/21                                           USC Eclipse Station 1: Stellar Collision Disc Golf (Intramural Fields at Gadsden & Devine)

8/21                                            USC Eclipse Station 2: Meter Stick Eclipse Model (Founders Square by Colonial Life Arena)

8/21                                            USC Eclipse Station 3: Eclipse Cornhole (Recreation Fields by the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center)

8/21                                            USC Eclipse Station 4:  Kids Solar Craft Project (West end of the Horseshoe)

8/21                                            USC Eclipse Station 5: Eclipse Maps (Russell House on Greene Street)

8/21                                            USC Eclipse Station 6: Solar Telescopes (Melton Memorial Observatory)

8/21                                            USC Eclipse Station 7: Eclipse Myths (Thomas Cooper Library)

8/21                                            USC Eclipse Station 8: Solar System Shuttle Run (Recreation Fields by Blatt P.E. Center)

8/21                                            USC Eclipse Station 9: Tabletop Solar System (East Campus by Gibbes Green)

8/21                                            USC Eclipse Station 10: Surprising Physics (East Campus near Close-Hipp Building)

8/21                                            VIP Lunch & Eclipse Viewing Event at Motor Supply Co. Bistro (sold out)

8/21                                            Visit Riverbanks Zoo and Garden**(Glasses from sponsor are made by Rainbow Symphony)

8/21                                            Wine special & eclipse viewing at Za’s on Devine


To view the full calendar of eclipse events or search for an individual event listing in the Columbia, S.C. region, visit our Events page!